June 6, 2012

Salju Hitam : Trailer

Salam all! Well, I wanna share with u a play i did back in april for IIUM theatre club's Nusantara Theatre Week 2012. The play is entitled "Salju Hitam". the original idea was mine and it was mainly written by Orked Perak. i co-directed it with Aishhhh. N oh, it's the 1st MALAY play i worked on and i was quite happy with the outcome :) it's a dark and tragic play - set back in the classic malay culture =.= so, here's the trailer! and a few pics.

Edited by Faiq Aizat

Edited by Shafiq Azid~

Edited by Rai~

SALJU HITAM - Nadia Satar
GEMA MAYA - Sri Wahyu
ADIRAKHTA - Ar-Rasyideen
BENTARA 1,2,3 - Hatim, Ata, Coki

Everyone maybe?

Bojan came on the 2nd day.

The directors n the writer.

If I am able to get hold of the full performance video, i'll upload it soon. Chow. Go CrYPT go! Salam :)

June 4, 2012

The Castlevania

Salam. You know what, this just brings back memory :) It's something I was selling starting from my year in form 5 till after SPM - with En. Ciput as my partner. The sandwich was first made on Bojan's 17th birthday and I think it's safe to say that quite a number liked it. So, ya. Titik besar2.

That's faris helping me out with the ad lol. Paish photographed it. Kbai. Salam.

June 1, 2012

Lachrymal Hope

Salam. This is an old poem i wrote - about a few months ago. A poem about friendship. It's entitled "Lachrymal Hope". Nothing to do with the pictures though. They just remind me of the good old times :)

Peeking through the iron bars;
that hold the spirits that once roamed free-

I see a black light burning,
as black as infinity's own moonless shadows,
as bright as infinity' own moonlit meadows;

Emanating its brilliant darkness as if it's-
Offering a bleeding hand to be caught;
By my weary hand and thus;

They interlock in a silent odium.
Ah, the efficacy of an opium-
A lachrymal hope.

Kwek. haha. K salam.