May 9, 2010

A Story about a Friend

"Weeeeeeyyyyyyyyyy, awat hang boh ceqita ni lam blog hangggg", might probably what my friend, Bojan, would say. Well, the story below was actually my 1st English homework when I was in form 5.. The question was," Write a story about your most unforgettable friend". I thought it would be nice to publish this story, because today, we will be parting. Well, actually, I would be parting with a lot of friends but since this is the only story I have about a friend, I will be posting this one :D By the way, if any of my friend is reading this, I will not forget you all :D Never say goodbye.. Say, "See you again!"

The journey of life is like a rocky pavement - long, steep and gravelly. Along the way, many will be passing by and tagging along. The latter usually determine whether you walk away with only cuts and grazes or with a six feet deep incision carved deep inside your back ; exposing you putrefied flesh to demonic viruses to slowly infest and infect your remains until you collapse and give in to the demons of rancour and grudge. Nonetheless, the latter could also comprise of those who would coruscate the light of guidance - glistering like diamonds in the darkest boulevards, glistening like a lighted lamp post in every mortifying turns and corners. Personally, I encountered both and they have taught me priceless life lessons - not to trust someone excessively, to try to help a friend in need and to be who you are.

One particular friend of mine who will definitely dwell in my cerebrum in perpetuity is Bojan. Bojan and I are friends for almost 5 years but it feels as if we have known each other for centuries. Common interest in music mainly strengthened our friendship. Ironically, our friendship is like a piece of musical arrangement - sometimes it orchestrates into harmony but there are also times when it tuned into dissonance. Yet, when things go out of tune, we always manage to correct the flawed notes - rhyming our rhapsody back into melodious rhythm.

At first glance, Bojan looks like a 2 million years old fossil behind the tinted glass case in the National Museum. Some people even says that he resembles straight lines that connect to form a matchstick figure! Well, he really does triumph over the Somalians when it comes to being skinny. Legend has it ; if you rip the skin off of his face, you will find out that he still looks no different - with or without his cranium exposed!

When it comes to character, there is not a kindred spirit to Bojan, not even his kith and kins. Why am I saying this? Well, Bojan is very notorious for his annoying habit of pestering others with idiotic, insignificant, irritating questions. I was always driven crazy when he did that. However sometimes, that foolish habit of him is what making him such an interesting person to befriend with. It proves how he is a readily confident person. A person with low self-esteem would not dare to do the things he does. Bojan on the other hand always have the guts to project his confidence through his idiocy.

The thing that I admire most about Bojan is his patience in enduring my SOMETIMES ruthless sarcasms and criticisms. Eventhough I usually overstep the boundaries of good-natured jokes, he always manage to put a wide smile on his face. Yes, patience is never my plus side but indirectly, Bojan has taught me to be more considerate when it comes to insults and criticisms.

Bojan is certainly one of my many friends that I will never forget. This persimonious stingy friend of mine left lots of interesting and inspiring memories for me to cherish. The journey of life is like a rocky pavement - long, steep and gravelly. Lucky for me, I have many to help me cross the finish line.