January 23, 2011

True Love Unfolds

Salam all.. okay.. this sonnet is actually a group assignment from Madam Diana's poetry class. I know it sucks but it's only because this is the first time we take on iambic pentameter and obviouly we're not good at it.
It's inspired by psychotic killers who think they're killing for love. Anyway, enjoy :)

Loving flesh of maggoted seraphim
Be the semblance of thy everything,
Thou art an example of god’s victim,
Imperfections be proof of god’s spiting,

The night’s brilliantly moonless - with two moons,
And wine’s a company – an ecstasy,
Mending god’s frail efforts through blood and wounds,
Oh, how I love thee with thy chastity,

They say beauty lies beyond the surface,
So I peel thee off to see what they mean,
I agree – thou look better with a mace,
Truly better with visible spleen,

To truly love means to make sacrifice,
To truly love means to dislocate thy eyes.

Ronald Mcdonald killed the boy.


  1. somebody will kill u for love <3

  2. the photos used are fucking creepy!

  3. anonymous : hopefully no =,=
    kei : fits the poem ^.^

  4. x tido la ak malam nih . . . nnt kna flag jgak blog ni 18sg . hahaha

  5. who ever posted this is disgusting!
    u are a disgrase!how can u put pictures of a dead child on the internet like that!

  6. whats wrong with that?just a reminder.