May 3, 2011

Marching Bands and Metal Camps

Salam all. I wanna "jiwang" for awhile. hahaha. Well, these are the sorts of things we'll see as the statuses of lovebirds in fb =.=

It's funny how near my heart is;
but i'll never able to reach it.
It's even funnier when a person says i have stolen his/her heart;
but i can't even reach my own.
It's the funniest when i realize my heart has been stolen;
but i know it's right here.
It's the funniestest when i write somthing about this in my blog. hahaha.

Settle down people, i'm just bored there.
Waiting for Kelicap to upload the photos from platform May.
Then i'll update the blog for real. haha.

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