November 18, 2010

Sonnet 665 "Help"

Salam... I'm really 'sudah gila' for writing this poem.. anyway, this is a really simple poem - no fancy words n stuff... I wanna name it sonnet 666 but it's not dark or satisfying enough (for some embarrassing reasons)... anyway, i think i'll write another sonnet next time and name it sonnet 666... btw, this sonnet may not be what it seems to be.. there may be hidden/subliminal messages... hahaha22

You are the dagger; stabbing my heart,
Leaking lovelorn love that hides in the form of liquid sin,
The sweetest sin I desire; a merciful compassion
That walks me on a road with no moon,

With hands full of warmth,
And smiles made me numb and dumb,
While shards stepped on felt nothing,
Speechless by sincerity, muted by sympathy,

Suffocated happiness await forever in questions,
Your mind is nothing but inspiration,
Your heart is nothing but admiration,
Your body is nothing but perfection,

Help - because I can’t help myself anymore,
Help – because I am helpless against you