March 12, 2011

Carbonara-ed Chicken Lasagne :D

Salam all. Okay, my ex-classm8 - Raihan all the way from Egypt said that she likes recipes with lotsa cheese coz cheese or 'jibnuh' there is cheap; so here's a "lotsa-cheese" recipe (well, that answers where all the views from Egypt come from). haha. it's been long since i last posted an entry about cooking (not that i've not been cooking, i have)so, here it is.

Okay, these are what we need: Pasta Plates, Prego Carbonara Sauce, Capsicum, Cheddar Cheese, Fresh Milk, Mushroom Spaghetti Sauce, Chicken Chunks, Minced Chicken, Rosemary, Black Pepper, Chicken Stock.

Let's start the cooking guys :)

First, fry the chicken chunks in a pan until it seems golden. Oh ya, add some coarse black pepper to enhance the taste. Put them aside.

Okay, next, fry the minced chicken. After it seems cooked, put it aside. Hey, I got an assistant there. haha.

After that, cook the carbonara sauce with some slices of capsicum. Again, put it aside after it's done.

Oh ya, after the carbonara sauce is done, cook some spaghetti sauce. it might take quite a long time to start from scratch so i just use instant Kimball's mushroom spaghetti sauce (the sauce looks red as hellfire. haha; but hellfire's black - i know) Add some rosemary and black pepper to enhance the flavour. After that's done, put it aside and prepare for my favourite part. haha.

OH MY GOOD LORD OF ALL MOTHER CHEESE. haha. okay, cook some fresh milk with butter and lots of cheeeeese. add some chicken stock to get extra "chicky" flavour. when u feel satisfied with the amount of cheese, stop - as simple as that. haha. but DO NOT let the milk boil.

When all's done, arrange your lasagne like this. Spread the bottom of your pan(?) with the cheese sauce and place the first layer of pasta plates. Spread some more cheese sauce and put the chicken chunks and minced chicken. Cover the chickens with carbonara sauce and the spaghetti
sauce. Put another layer of pasta plates and repeat these steps until you have no more filling. Make sure that you pasta plates are fully immersed in sauce so that it will not be hard (use instant pasta plates). It is recommended that you use a square/rectangular shaped pan (unlike me) so that the pasta plates can be easily immersed.

okay, put it in the oven for 30 minutes with a temperature of 200 degree celcius. After 30 minutes, wallaaaa~

Slice it into 'cute' pieces n serve it in plates. (oh my I look fat)

En. Ciput is enjoying it. Try it. The end.