March 30, 2011

Johny's Soliloquay

Salam guys. Okay. I just want March to end with another post. Hence, the monologue below is an excerpt from "the Devil isn't Always Evil" - an original short play by me :D It's the part when Johny repents after his talk with the Devil - a soliloquay. Enjoy! (or sleep =,=)

Azrael’s wings’ I’ve worn,
God’s powers I’ve pilfered,
To take death into my own hand;
Was a shame - a disgrace to mankind,
If man’s dagger be the taker of another’s life,
What needs is a reaper’s scythe?
Forgive me to say;
But lanterns, be from hell do not err one’s way,
The progenies of evil mourns the death of their lovelorn kiss,
For the lucidity of my mind has been revealed;
In new reveries.

Thank you. Salam :)

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