April 2, 2011


Salam all. Ok, last night I received an email from Mr. Joshua; and it made my heart goes *dum dum dum. So guys, come watch my performance on the 4th of April - klpac, Sentul; if you can.

*email from Mr.Joshua.
Dear All,
I hope this meets you in the best of health, and I'm sorry this is half a day late. You would have already received previous confirmation as to your slot in April's Platform (if not, this is your official confirmation). Please find below the performance schedule for the night.

8.30 - Doors open

Welcome speech by host, Marvin Wong

1. Pungguk Rindukan Bulan
Devised by Tuan Tapai Faisal, Nabihan Yaacob, Krushna Prabaskar and Marina Tan
Directed by Marina Tan
Featuring Tuan Tapai Faisal, Nabihan Yaacob and Krushna Prabaskar

2. The Devil Isn't Always Evil
Written and Directed by Asyraf Syahir Mohd Najib
Featuring Muhamad Hakim Hamdan, Sarah Bani Yamin and Asyraf Syahir Mohd Najib

3. Abang

Devised and Directed by The Falling Leaves Community
Featuring Lokman Shukor

Short Break

4. Endorphins
Written by Toby Teh
Directed by Dinesh Kumar A/L Maganathan
Featuring Jacob Salgado Jereza, Sharifah Fauziah Alsree, Kellen Yau Hua Xian

5. Karan
Written, Directed by & Featuring Redza Minhat

Q&A Session between teams and औडिएंस

Thank you, and we look forward to your performance.

Yours faithfully,
Joshua Chong
For The Platform Team


  1. goodluck bro. :)
    dah tgk buku Ilham?Haha.
    congrats,even dah terlambat.

  2. kei: buku ilham? ada ntang pa plak? haha. tengkiu btw.

    hieda: mai laaaa :D

  3. All the best, Mr. Shakespeare Jr.!
    Sayangnye aku tak ley pi tengok hangpa..

  4. ap : ada nama ank le kt buku ilham , 14a kut B)

  5. pqah: tengkiu2. truskan alkisah anda :D
    soya: ya kaa. haha.

  6. takboleh pergi. rasa nak nangis. :' ((

  7. kak : tengkiuu :D
    shafiq: alah. kalau kau pegi kan bes.