April 22, 2011

Oreo Cheesecake :D

Salam all. At last, haha, I'm here with another recipe :D 21st April was my sister's birthday so I figured that maybe a cheesecake would be a wonderfully edible present to give. Hence, I baked it this afternoon and now, I'm going to share it with you guys :)

These are what you need for the choc base (A): 50g Butter, 1/4 cup of sugar, an egg, 1/2 cup of wheat flour, 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder, 1/5 cup of cocoa powder, 1/5 cup of Castor sugar and 1/5 cup of hot water.

These are what you need for the cheesy layer (B): 500gm cream cheese, 100g butter, a teaspoon of lemon zest, 200g of icing sugar and a packet of Oreo.

These are what you need for the topping (C): Dark chocolate bar, cocoa powder.

Okay, let's start the baking guys!!! :D

Okay, first, we're going to make (A). Hence, start with beating the butter and sugar for (A). (A) is just the base for the cheese cake so it's made in small quantity.

When the butter + sugar has fluffed up, add in an egg. Okay, I forgot to snap the picture of me adding the flour and baking powder. Nevermind that. Just add in the flour and baking powder little by little.

Put the mixture aside and prepare a hot cocoa mixture. Mix in the cocoa powder, Castor sugar and BOILING hot water together. REMEMBER, the water must be VERY hot.

After the cocoa drink is prepared, *drink it (kidding). After the cocoa drink is prepared, quickly add it into the initial mixture.

After that, what else? Bake it guys. haha. Let it BURRRRNNNN in the oven and let's prepare (B).

Let's start preparing (B) now. It's very simple, beat the cream cheese and butter. PS: that's the cheapest cream cheese here. haha.

Then, add the icing sugar~~~~ Not to forget, the lemon zest.

Let all the ingredients mix well.

Haha. it's time to add in America's (and my) favourite cookies, Oreo! Don't put the cream in. Just the cookies. Crush it into smaller pieces and walla~ (B) is done. (B) does not need to be baked. DO NOT BAKE (B).

When (A) is perfectly baked (picture forgot to be taken), spread (B) on top of it to form a thick layer. I don't have the appropriate tools to spread it nicely so that's just it. haha. you need to have the flat blunt thingy to shape it perfectly which I apparently don't =.=

When it looks like a cheesecake already, (C) comes into the picture. Just sprinkle the cocoa powder on top of it and grate some dark chocolate; and that's your oreo cheesecake.

That's my sister's hand slicing the cake (She's 29 now. haha.) I can't upload her full photo because she's not wearing her 'tudung' now.

Okay, I'm wearing something very 'skema' because I was on my way to class. haha. *and I look kinda besar =.=

No en. ciput here. He's a famous actor now. hahahahaha.

I don't have the heart to waste good cheese.

That's it from me! Try it guys! It tastes heavenly! hahahaaha.


  1. nampak sedap gilaaaaaa:D
    errr..baju hg tu memg tak boleh blah-.-

  2. mmg sdap wehhh.
    bengong otak mkan. ahaha.
    skema gila kn?

  3. SANGAT skema.terkejot aku tengok tadi.haha
    bdw,nanti buat lagi then aku nak try rasa.
    teringin sangatsangat.

  4. buat aku lapar laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa =,=

  5. on your way to class? ke mana? oh btw, tadi aku tengok resipi kek ni, then aku *scroll scroll* lagi senang rasanya kalau kau buat kat aku satu dari aku buat pakai resipi tu. ngehehe

  6. luckily en.ciput xdak x geram sgt!

  7. hieda: insyaAllah.

    afika: bli kat kdai makcik. haha.

    shafiq: kan aku tutor skrg. haha. nnt klau aku duit lbih skit aku bt lah utk korg2 lak :D

    alip: haha. LOL. 1st time dia xdak :P

  8. haha muka CIPUTIA MORBID tak dak dah ka nak merasa? hahahaha ;p

  9. dia plakon la ni. bz. hahaha. dah bt appointment ngn dia. la ni dok tggu giliran.

  10. wish bdy kat sister 2 ... n thanx 4 the kek resipi 2 ... nnti sya suruh mak sya wat tengok ... k ...

  11. wan.
    tengkiu2 :D
    buat2 jgn xbt.