April 5, 2011

The Devil isn't Always Evil (Script)

Salam all. Ok. Since I've performed this play, here's the script :)Vid is coming soon.


(A living room – dark and gloomy. A flickering light bulb. The windows are closed and the TV is watching itself. The father is seen asleep on a couch. At the door, the son is seen shakily holding a knife – no, a machete. The son seems to be in a dilemma).

Johny: (Whimpers to himself) Damn it, damn it, damn it! (Looks down at the machete) Damn it!

Bob: Keep it down will you. I’m trying to catch some sleep. (Grunts)

Johny: (Mumbles to himself) Keep it down? Keep it down? You’re damn right, I’m going to keep it down (looks down at the machete); I’m going to keep it down your throat!

(The son walks towards his father).

Johny: (Sobbing) You wanna sleep? (Wipes his tears off) I’ll make sure you sleep (looks at the machete) and ‘he’ will help. Oh, ‘he’ will surely help.

(The son stops in front of his father. He cries some more).

Johny: (Tries to wipe of his tears) Goodnight Dad-dy. (Whispers) I’m sorry.

(The father is startled from his sleep).

Bob: What the-

(The son screams and wields the machete towards his father’s head. Before he hits the head, a clap is heard and everything stops. The room darkens – leaving only the son, the father, a couch and a table visible – still stationary. Flaps of tongue are then heard).

Devil: My oh my. The son’s killing the father? This is terrible – dreadfully terrible.

(The devil dressed in red is made visible. She then walks towards the son and father).

Devil: (taking the machete off the son’s hand) I’ll be taking this murderously dangerous instrument of excruciatingly painful death, thank you. Now, about you (pointing towards the son) -

(The devil then snaps her fingers and the son can move again).

Johny: What the hell’s just happened? Where’s my knife? (Let out a cry)

Devil: You mean this murderously dangerous instrument of excruciatingly painful
death? The machete? Oh, I took it.

Johny: (At lost of words) Why the- How did- When did you?

Devil: (Interrupts) Oh silly Mr. umm- (looks at her scroll) Mr. Joh-ny (pronounces as joh – nee).

Johny: It’s Johny.

Devil: Okay Mr. Joh-ny. I don’t want to be rude so let me introduce myself first; my name’s Lilith. I’m a devil.

Johny: (Surprised) You’re a what?

Devil: I’m a devil, daa. Didn’t you hear me the first time I told you? Anyway, you can call me Lil. That sounds more casual right?

Johny: (Looks all confused) Lil? Devil? What’s going on here? (Nervously) A second ago I was trying to- I was trying to-

Devil: You were trying to brutally hack your goddamn father’s skull with a machete; so, I come here to stop you from making the biggest irremediable mistake of your impermanent human existence.

Johny: I don’t understand.

Devil: (Sighs) You were trying to mercilessly kill your father, remember? I stopped you, so you haven’t done the biggest mistake of your life - and you haven’t even said, “Thanks, Lil”. End of story.

Johny: No, no. It’s not that I don’t understand what you’re saying. What I don’t understand is that; why are you doing this? You said you’re a devil.

Devil: I’m a devil, so?

Johny: You’re a devil so aren’t you supposed to-

Devil: (Interrupts) Oh, I’m a devil so I’m supposed to let all the evils of the world flourish like algae in a carbon-dioxide-overdosed pond? Is that it?

Johny: Well, that’s what-

Devil: (Interrupts) Haven’t you ever heard the old saying – not all devils are evil?

Johny: I don’t think I’ve ever heard an old saying like that.

Devil: Of course you haven’t, I just made that up; but the point here is, not all devils are evil. Exhibit A (looking at the son).

Johny: You’re pissing me off now. (Rudely) What’s your real intention devil bitch?

Devil: Hey, why are you calling me that? My name’s not devil bitch you know, it’s
Lilith; and I’ve told you before to call me Lil right?

Johny: (Annoyed) Ok Lil, what do you want from me? Why the hell in the world are you doing this?

Devil: Why am I doing this? I’m the one who should be asking you the question; so tell me Joh-ny, why do you want to kill him (pointing towards the father)? Why do you want to kill your own father?

Johny: He’s not my father! (Lowers down his voice) He’s not my father. That monster has never been my father. I never have one.

Devil: Oh, so he’s the ferociously intimidating monster of mass destruction huh? Well, I didn’t see him holding any fatally dangerous weapon of merciless murder.

Johny: Shut up bitch! You don’t know a thing!

Devil: Oh, so I’m the one who doesn’t know a thing? Well, I don’t suppose-

Johny: Just shut up! (Lowers down his voice) Just shut up. All these years, he’s been making-

Devil: (Interrupts) -your life a living hell? So that gives you the right to take away his? (The son stays silent) Look at yourself; you tried to kill your own father and you’re taking advice from a devil. What does that say about yourself?

Johny: Why the hell does it even matter what it says about me! I never asked for advice from any annoying God-forsaken devil bitch! –and like I told you before, that piece of thrash is not my father! ‘It’s’ a monster AND a piece of trash!

Devil: Pathetic.

(The devil picks up the machete and hands it over to the son)

Devil: Here, take it and kill him then. (The son only looks at it) This is what I’m supposed to do right? So here, take it (Shoves the machete to the son’s hand but he won’t take it). Chop his head off, rip his heart out, tear his guts out, torture him, torment him, kill him, do whatever, I don’t care anymore.

(The son falls onto his knees. The devil drops the machete in front of him and walks away. He let out a loud cry and the devil stops walking).

Johny: What do you want me to do then huh? Yes, I’m pathetic! I know I’m pathetic! I’m pathetic! I’m pathetic! I’m pathetic! (Cries and lowers down his voice) I’m pathetic.

(The devil walks over to the son and bends down)

Devil: Joh-ny-

Johny: It’s John- never mind.

Devil: Joh-ny, you want to know; why I stopped you from killing the person you called thrash over there? (The son only looks into her face without uttering a word) Well, there’s an extent to which one act is called evil; and yours just now has gone beyond that extent – it’s not evil anymore, it’s a disgrace.

Johny: (In tears) I’m sorry.

Devil: You said your father is a monster - a piece of thrash; but look who’s the monster now? He made your life a living hell but at least he gave you life; you want to take it away from him. Taking the life of the one who gave you life; that’s a disgrace.

Johny: (In tears) I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Devil: –And that’s coming from a devil; a creature that you humans refer to as the most malevolently wicked being of all the darkest pits of sins and evil. That is a dis-

Johny: Disgrace! Disgrace! Disgrace! Disgrace! (Cries and lowers down his voice) I’ve already said I’m sorry. What else do you want from me? I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Devil: I never asked for an apology. Who am I to forgive a being? I’m just a devil.

Johny: So what do you want me to do then? I’m- I’m, I’m lost here. Please, help me. I don’t know what to do anymore.

Devil: (Hands the machete over) Just do the right thing. I know you know it, Johny.

(The devil smiles and walks away)

Johny: She said my name right.

(The son stands up and wipes his tears. The room darkens again – leaving only the son visible)

Johny: This doesn’t make much sense; but what does?
Azrael’s wings’ I’ve worn,
God’s powers I’ve pilfered,
To take death into my own hand;
Was a shame - a disgrace to mankind,
If man’s dagger be the taker of another’s life,
What needs is a reaper’s scythe?
Forgive me to say;
But lanterns, be from hell do not err one’s way,
The progenies of evil mourns the death of their lovelorn kiss,
For the lucidity of my mind has been revealed;
In new reveries.

(The son puts down the machete. The room brightens up and everything is visible again. The son seems to be searching for the devil)

Johny: Lil! Lil! I’ve got my answer!

(A clap is heard and everything moves again. The father picks up the machete and marches towards the son)

Johny: Lil! I’ve got my answer! I know what to do! Lil!

(The father is standing right behind the son)

Johny: Lil! I just want to say-

(The son realises the father is behind him. The father chokes him.)

Bob: Who the hell do you think you are huh? – trying to kill me in my sleep.

Johny: (In a choke) I’m sorry.

Bob: What’s that? You’re sorry? (Laughs) You tried to kill me and now you’re sorry?
Boy, scum like you do crack me up.

Johny: (In a choke) Bob, I’m sorry.

Bob: (Laughs) I can’t believe I kept you all these years; I mean, I never liked you – no, I hated you. Why did I even bother raising a scum up?

Johny: (In a choke) Bob, I’m-

Bob: Shut the hell up you ugly mutt!

(The father kicks the son in the gut. The son falls on his back)

Johny: (Crying) Bob, I wasn’t thinking straight; and you aren’t either. You should really-

Bob: Didn’t I tell you to shut the hell up! –Or do you want me to smash your ugly mouth huh, mutt?

Johny: (Crying) Bob, don’t-

Bob: Shut up!

(The son stays silent)

Bob: (Moving back and forth) Oh boy, this is funny. Hilarious! (Laughs) The mutt that I was stuck with tried to kill me! (Laughs) Why the hell did the bitch who carried you in her jammed up womb leave you with me? Oh wait, I killed that bitch! I killed your slutty mother! (Laughs) She was such a pain in the ass; such a pain in the ass. That slutty mouth of hers wouldn’t stop barking for a second and it always gets me angry – very angry. (Sighs) Wait a minute; you’re a pain in the ass as well aren’t you? Huh boy? –Just like that dead slut. If you weren’t my son, I would’ve killed you a long time ago you know. I thought that you would grow up as a real man and continue my legacy; but I was wrong, I was definitely wrong – I got a pussy as a son. I got a pussy as a son! My son’s a pussy! (Laughs) That pussy didn’t even have the guts to kill his old man! (Laughs)

Johny: Bob, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

Bob: Stop saying you’re sorry you little pussy!

(The father kicks the son and steps onto his gut)

Bob: If I ever hear that stupid, stupid word again, I swear I’m gonna kill you. I swear to that stupid God you pray to; I’m going to kill you.

Johny: Bob – no, Dad, I know I’m not the son you wished you had. Heck, you might never even wish to have a son. I’ve tried to live up to your expectation but I just couldn’t; that’s just not who I am. I’m just not into all those things you’re involved with.

(The son slowly tries to stand up)

Bob: What the hell do you think you’re-

Johny: (Interrupts) Just hear me out this once Dad. All my life I’ve lived in fear – in fear that you would yell at me, in fear that you would hit me, in fear that you’d even kill me; but, I never realised that I’m the one who caused all that. If I myself do not accept who I am, who are you to accept me?

(The son kneels down)

Johny: This is your son, Dad. This is your son – a coward, a pain in the ass, a disgrace to your name; that’s just who I am. You would just have to accept that. The same way you wished you never have a son like me, I wished that I never have a father like you; but wishful thinking isn’t going to bring us anywhere – you are my father and I am your son; we just have to accept that fact and live our lives. (Pause) Sorry, for everything.

(A brief moment of silence)

Johny: Dad?

(The father slashes the son repeatedly with the machete)

Johny: (While being slashed) No Dad no! No, please no! No Bob, don’t do it. Don’t kill me, you son of a bitch!

(Blood is spilled everywhere. The son is dead)

Bob: I sweared.

(The father then picks up the phone)

Bob: Yeah this is Bob. (Pause) I need you to clean up another mess. (Pause) No, just at my house. (Pause) You’re damn right it’s the mutt. Get this, he tried to kill me! (Laughs) Oh boy, but he chickened out at the last minute. (Pause) Yeah, yeah. Then, things got out of control, he cries, pisses me off and bam! – He’s lying on the floor like a dead chicken. Wait, he really is a dead chicken! (Laughs) Oh boy. Anyway, get here before he starts to stink the place up. (Pause) And Luke, about the goods the other day, if you try to do something funny about it, you’ll be joining the mutt soon enough. (Pause) Glad you understand. Now get your fat ass over here.
(The father ends the phone call. A clap is heard and everything stops. The room darkens again – leaving only the father and the dead son visible)

Devil: My, oh my. This turns out better than I expected.

(The devil is made visible)

Devil: (Flaps her tongue) Johny, Johny, Johny. Thank God you didn’t kill Bobby here; otherwise, it would be a disgrace. Yup, a disgrace (pause) –to my face. (Chuckles)

(The devil sits beside the son)

Devil: Oh Johny boy, (talks like a baby) I couldn’t let you kill that big evil man. There’d be less evil in the world then. Sure, you would have done something evil, but a cowardly boy like you would stop at that; where’s the fun in that then? (Sighs)

(The devil stands up)

Devil: I love role-playing (smiles).

(The devil hums a song and skips out of the room. The room darkens and the curtain closes)