April 26, 2011

The Taste of Love - Draft

Salam. Ok, the title of this entry is actually the title of the script I was working on during KLPAC's Short and Sweet Musical Theatre Workshop. Yup, I'm going for musicals. haha.

During the workshop, we were asked to come up with a concept for a musical play and I was teamed up with Sarah and Aaron. We got the idea of a romantic comedy about a cannibal girl who falls in love with the man she is about to eat - literally eat. haha. The script is still in its initial draft by the way; but Aaron and I will most probably be working on the script together to submit for S+S; so, this will be my first experience co-writing a script.

Then, we were assigned to come up with two songs for the play. Hence, I wrote the lame lyrics (which will be improved later =.=) and Aaron composed the songs. He's a musical genius yaw! Hence, Maneaters and Licky Licky were created.

Here is the first song - Maneaters. The first vid is Aaron singing the song (He's composing the song). The second vid is BB and Denise singing the song (They're the singers/performers teamed up with us later)Thanks guys! Their voices are sooo good.


Morrigan: You know that we are...

Bwitch: Maneaters.

Instead of scrambled eggs,
We’d eat your scrambled brains.
Instead of chicken pies,
We’d rather eat your eyes.

Instead of mashed potatoes,
We’d eat your mashed up ears,
Instead of juicy Big Mac,
We would chew your neck.

Morrigan and Bwitch:
We have tried but we can’t;
we’re addicted to mankind.

Here is the second song - Licky Licky. Again, the first vid is Aaron singing the song (He's composing the song). The second vid is Denise singing the song with BB as the bakack up singer. I was the prop =,= Again, thanks guys!


Oh boy, you look so good,
You’d be a really really really good food,
Oh boy, you look so fine,
I’d have a really really really good time,

Let me taste you, let me lick you, let me eat you.
Let me take a bite.

Baby, you’re so tasty,
Your skin tastes like candy,
It makes me wanna licky licky.
Baby, you’re so tasty,
Your (clears throat) makes me hungry,
It makes me wanna licky licky.

That's it from me. The workshop was very helpful. Salam.


  1. wah....dah boleh upload video kn..simple je kn

  2. Awesome! I'm looking forward to it. :)

  3. perghh terbaik ! jadi back up singer pun okay ;p

  4. wow, nice so nice. i wanna licky licky you. :P

  5. kinah: BB mmg bes~
    eman: come licky licky me. hahahahaha.