April 19, 2011

Halfway Done

Salam all. I was browsing my old files when I saw the file 'BENSOC'; hence I double-clicked it. (BENSOC here refers to the Bachelor of English Language Student Society kot*). To my surprise, it is the unfinished song I was writing for BENSOC for a programme which I can't recall. hahaha. By the way, it is unfinished because my keyboard got confiscated at that time by the mahallah principal =,= . Anyway, here's the unfinished song. haha. *I had fun with BENSOC.

Bequeathed with the brougham of billionth adversary,
Entrée to the grave of vampiric revelry,
Noblesse oblige be the creeds and doctrines – though dimes and nickels be in

Succouring succubus in sexual sympathy,
Only to be fed with quandary ordure,
Clenching a clandestine affair – a crèche for courtesan,

*help me finish it. thnx. hahaha.

Salam! :)

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