April 8, 2011

Pure Genius.

Salam all. I don't usually write posts like this but what the heck. The title says it all; and no, I'm not talking about Shakespeare or Einstein. I'm talking about RB - Rebecca Black. hahahahaha.

Her awesomely bad music video 'Friday' received more views than Gaga's Born this Way eventhough it was uploaded in the same month and I think that's an accomplishment. haha.
She's also in the top 100 in itunes. woah.
Oh yeah, she's also nominated in MTV's OMA (O Music Award). haha.
The video definitely gained popularity (or rather notoriority) for all the wrong reasons; but if I'm her, why should I care if I'm cashing in all the money :D

I don't think the song is THAT bad. It's the fact that the lyrics and the music video do not really fit together is what making the song funny (also the rhythm maybe =,=). Anyway, I don't know whether it's intentional or not but it's definitely bringing RB into the spotlight.
And~ RB (or her mother or ARK) is definitely trying not to make the spotlight on her dim through all the sueing and the bieber (*vomit) thingy. She really proves that REALLY bad publicity is good publicity.
Ok, this is my last words.



  1. ni yg islamic nyer lagi best.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8YT33F4sZw

  2. islamic? this song? =,= i'll pass.

  3. i said 'i'll pass' but i didn't.
    now i regret my decision =,=

  4. kalau pji someone mmg mksd dia minat ja ka?

  5. Sitting in the first saff, chilling in the back saff! EPIC PARODY!!

  6. ohh,menarik.sian mak cik tu.

  7. watched the mv.
    the sound sucks sooo badly..
    it didn't fit her cute face..
    haha.,poor becca blacky..

  8. haha.
    *the power of blogging. if u know wut i mean.