March 25, 2012


Salam. It's been long since I last updated my ancient blog here lol. So, here's a confessional poem I wrote to restart this blog. Btw, Epica, my favourite band has just released their new album "Requiem for the Indiffirent". Be sure to check out their latest song "Storm the Sorrow" :) Anyway, enjoy the colourful poem (or die of boredom).

Pain greets me "Hi"-
in the form of a man.

The man wears a black cape
made up of graceful thorns;
and a wailing silhoutte-
that endlessly mourns.

He says to me:
"Let us be friends,
for I can assure thee,
our friendship can never end."

So I stand there in silence
and stare into the blank heaven;
as he gave me the most beautiful embrace-
the Angle of Death could have ever given;

And to him, I reply-
with a painful "Hi".


  1. Gosh. It's been quite some time you've posted anything. :(

  2. haha. yaaaa. im restarting this old junk.