December 29, 2010

Baking with Ap and Nieces :D

Salam again! hahahaha.. Well, this mid-sem break really gives me the time to cook and bake my hearts out.. Hahahaha (laughing as I pretend to forget the unfinished assignments =,=) Anyway, I'm gonna share with u a very special yet simple recipe of mine - Chocolate Nut Cookies. This recipe was actually given by Mak Cik Siti who helped me with my LIT paper during SPM. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :D

These are wut u need ; Margarine, Castor Sugar, Egg, Milo, Nuts (of any kind), Cocoa, Chocolate Rice, Chocolate Chips, Wheat Flour, Hon Kwee Flour.

First, beat 340g of margarine with 200g of castor sugar.

Haha, these are my labours (coughs) I mean, nieces.. Beat it until the mixture seems a little bit fluffy but not TOO fluffy since we're not baking cakes!

next, add in AN EGG. Yup! Only ONE egg - so, this recipe is good for those who are controlling their diet except the fact that we've already put 340g of margarine :D Put that aside.

Now, let's focus on Mixture B (Suddenly there's A and B). If you've bought whole nuts, crush them like I did - but remember, don't crush them into powder; just until they become coarse.

Well, this makes things easier. Hahahaha.. Anyway, keep in mind that we're free to choose ANY kinds of nuts - groundnuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc.

There's the 7 spoons of Milo, 7 spoons of chocolate rice, 7 spoons of crushed nuts, some choc chips (optional) and a teaspoon of cocoa powder.

Now, add in 340g of wheat flour and a tube of Hon Kwee flour. When buying Hon Kwee flour, make sure u're buying whether white or yellow Hon Kwee flour ONLY. I'd mistakenly bought GREEN HK flour and it looks really creepy =,= (even though it's not that visible) Anyway, mix everything thoroughly.

Okay, now we can 'unite' both mixtures - A and B. Mix thoroughly.

When both mixtures have been mixed well, it will look like this - a creepy greenish looking cookie dough. hahaha

We can now shape the cookies. Make sure the cookies are not too thick or too thin because their thickness influence the period they should be baked. Put a chocolate chip on top of it - just for fun :D

Hahahahaha.. The cookies are sooooooo uneven (I'm talking about the shape haha) :D

Bake the cookies from 15 to 30 minutes - depending on the thickness.

Ahahaha.. This is the result :D :D :D

En. Ciput is enjoying it! hahaha

Okay, this is what happens when you watch TV while you're baking cookies.

Try it guys!! Salam! :D


  1. Lol! is this the same one u brought for us dormmates last sem?? Its good!!

    And seriously u got to stop doing that metal hand action in your poses. It doesn't look cool on you -.-'

  2. why must ciput's eating face always end your post, asyrappp? macam kelakar.

    btw suka tengok gambar nieces kau masa diorang melesung tu. chomell.

  3. suhaibmon - biar la aku bt tgh tuu.. staillll k.. haha
    shafiq - haha.. dia maskot..

  4. takda org lain kaaa nak enjoy-ing ? haha.

  5. takda org lain kaaa nak enjoy-ing ? ha