December 26, 2010

Cooking with Ap :D

Salam all.. Now this post is REALLY DIFFERENT (This may be the 100th time I said that but trust me this time). Haha.. Last time, I made a poem about Food and Poop. This time, I'm only going to talk about Food (No Poops :D) so, let me share with u my Mint Carbonara Chicken with Mushroom :D (Cooking's always been my hobby by the way)

Okay, these are what u need ; Chicken, Grey Oyster Mushrooms, Mint, Onions, Garlic, Black Pepper, Parsley Flakes, Rosemary, Salt, Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), Mayonnaise, Fried Chicken Flour, and of course, Prego's Carbonara Spaghetti Sauce.

First, "tumis" the onions and garlic with some EVOO (I can't seem to find the word for "tumis" so I just put it there.. haha.. or is it saute?)

Okay, now the pieces of chickens can be fried - with salt, parsley flakes and pepper of course. No need to really cook it because we're going to deep-fry it later anyways.

When the chicken seems golden enough, add in some grey oyster mushroom. Ahaaa, this is why we're not directly deep-frying the chickens - to make the mushroom flavours seep into the chickens' flesh :) After the chickens and mushroom seem fried enough, put them aside because we're going to prepare the sauce :D

Ahaaaa, Prego time! hahaha

To make the sauce, use Prego. Add some pepper, salt, parsley flakes, rosemary, and not to forget, some mints. Oh ya, after the sauce seems ok, add some mayonnaise.

Put the sauce aside and let's get back to the chickens :D Coat the pieces of chicken with mayonnaise and then coat them with some fried chicken flour. Yum right? okay, let's deep-fry them now.

Pour the sauce on the chickens and present them. This is the result yeah! The lighting is a little bit off but believe me, it's yummy! Waittt!!

Tadaaaaa - Mint Carbonara Chicken with Mushroom. I figured that if I present it myself, it looks more interesting n delicious.. Haha

En.Ciput is enjoying it! haha

This is what happened after a few seconds (okay, I'm bragging haha)

Try it guyz! :D