December 30, 2010


Salam all.. Fwahhhhhh.. This will be my LAST post for 2010.. N I successfully achieve 15 posts this year yeah!!!! (quite few eh? =,=).. Hahahaha.. Well, when my post was 13, I know I MUST go for 15. Why 15? Well, 15 is a lucky number :D (I know I'm superstitious haha)so here I am - at the fifteenth post :)

Well, in this post, I'm not going to write any dramas, narratives or poems. I'm also not doing any cookings for this one. However, I'm gonna share some of my drawings.. I'm not really good at drawing and I know my cartoons are not that good but drawing is one of my hobbies and I enjoy doing it. So, what the heck :)

This is my "goodbye 2010" cartoon. This is the worst actually. Haha.. I only got some blunt pencils to draw (without a sharpener) so when I draw cartoon as little as this one, it really sucks.

Okay, I learnt not to draw small-sized cartoons when all I have is blunt pencils :D Well, talking about learning; throughout this year, I really learnt a lot actually - through all my mistakes, all the bitterness and all the kindness. 2010 brings a lot of memories - good and bad; but all beneficial. We must learn to cherish good ones and accept bad ones. Good memories help us stay positive and optimistic while bad memories gives us the strength to be better.

Life is a piece of paper. We are the ones to draw what we want. If it looks bad, accept that fact and try to do better :D Woahhh, enough 'philosophy-ing' Ap, enough! Anyway, I haven't drawn anything for quite a long time so I'm rusted. Better sharpen my skills! - and pencils =,=

Goodbye 2010 and Welcome 2011. Thank you everyone - for being in my life. Let's hope for the best tomorrows..