December 24, 2010

Food and Poop

Salam all, I have a 4-lined poem to share with you. It's very simple but it's very meaningful to me :)

I see a table – full with food,
Munch, munch, munch – including the soup,
3 hours later, I feel the need to poop,
The food was good; but i still can't flush the poop.

Okay, you must be wondering, why the hell did I write this one? Well, this poem actually reflects the current situation of my life. As you all might have known (or not), I am in my second semester; and know this, even though food's been good, this semester is really full of un'flush'able poop :D the whole 'Pregnant Pause' drama thingy, the weight gain thingy, the car thingy, the exam thingy, the bye2-money thingy (no need to go into details :D). But hey, we can't expect a perfect life can we? I just hope that everyone always bear this in mind - if our toilets clog, don't ever stop plunging and flushing our poops away.

Savour every bite you take because eventually, you'll have to go to the toilet.
Be happy, be positive, be ready to be unhappy :)