December 25, 2010

Kedah Blogger - That's ME!

Salam all... Okay, this post will be totally different from my other posts... Why? Well, I'm writing this for Well, I just found out about BPM through Pip's blog. the guys from BPM had an interesting idea which caught my attention - "Kategori Sahabat Blogger Mengikut Negeri" or categorizing bloggers according to state of residence. Thus, this is basically the reason for the entry of this post - connecting with other bloggers from Kedah.

Well, name defines a person. As for me, well, choose for yourselves - Ap, Cerap,
Acap, Serap, Asyrap, etc. (Those are wut I've been known as)


Currently using 3 e-mails - each bearing different histories and significances.

Living in Langgar, Alor Setar. Nothing special here - but hey, it's my home. The image below is Kedah (yeah right).

But but but, this is still my blog so I don't feel comfortable writing just that. So here's an original from me.

(This has meanings - seriously)


  1. ingat kan semua org da tau psai bnda alah tu =,=

  2. wehh kat blog bpm tu xde pun selangor??

  3. pip - xtaw lgi lah
    suhaib - selnagor xkuar lgi
    mujahid - =,=

  4. salam kenal..

    blogger sabah dtg jalan2..:)

  5. chegu blogger join
    da follow sama