August 14, 2011

Birthday Girl and Cheese Tarts XD

Salam all :) Today is my niece's 6th birthday and i decided to bake her something i never baked before, cheese tarts! i know they look fugly but trust me, they're delicious XD Let's spare the nag and start baking :)

So, these are what you need for the pastry: 100g of butter, 30g of cream cheese, 200g (2 cups) of wheat flour, an egg, a tablespoon of sugar, a pinch of salt.

And these are what you need for the tart filling: 250g of cream cheese, 100g of brown sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla essence. Mini chocolate chips (Optional).

We'll be making the pastry first; so mix the butter, flour and cream cheese together. You won't need fancy machines for this one; so, just use your bare hand.

In a bowl, whisk the egg with a teaspoon of sugar until it fluffs up.

Then, add in the whisked egg little by little into the dough. When that's done, you'll have yourself the pastry. Hence, let's put that away for a while and do the filling.

The filling is very simple. Just mix everything together thoroughly and it's done :)You don't necessarily have to put the vanilla essence. It's optional.

Now, let's get back to the pastry. Mould the dough into flat circle-shaped thingy =_=

Next, put the filling in the middle and sprinkle some mini chocolate chips. When that's done, your cheese tarts are ready to go into the oven at 170'C for about 20 to 25 mins (based on the thickness of your tart actually)

Birthday girl is enjoying her cheese tart XD

Oh ya, Happy Birthday Nur Wani Insyirah XD

That's all folks. Thanx for tuning in. Salam :)


  1. Looks yum yum. nk test buat jgk acap! :p

  2. ok, u adalah seorang uncle yg sgt sweet.. haha, baked cheese tart fr ur niece.. cute~~ :)

  3. haha. aku y mkan byk XD XD XD

  4. nak tanye, where can i get the cream cheese? thanks :)

  5. at any nearest supermarket bhgian sjuk2 ada susu butter apa tuu XD

  6. woi dja macam mana ko boleh ada sini???