August 12, 2011

The Chronicles of Kuih Raya 2 : Biskut Mazola

Salam. Okay, this is the "sequel" to the Chronicles of Kuih Raya. haha. And it's "Biskut Mazola". I baked them with my mom and yes, it's a classic Kuih Raya as everyone knows. Btw, YOU WON'T NEED A MIXER FOR THIS ONE SO YOU CAN SAFELY KEEP IT IN YOUR CABINET :D So, let's get that oven working!

These are what you need: 200g of wheat flour, 500g of groundnuts, 400g of Icing sugar, 70g of peanut butter and 350g of Mazola oil. Oh ya, you'll also be needing groundnuts and yolk for the topping.

First, mix the flour and the Icing sugar together.

Oh ya grind the 500g of groundnuts.

After the groundnuts are ground, mix in the sugar+flour and the groundnuts together.

Next, add in the peanut butter into the mixture and mix them thoroughly.

Now, add in the Mazola oil and after everything is mixed thoroughly, you can start moulding its shape already :)

Mould the mixture into "balls" and stick half a groundnut into it. Oh ya, don't forget the yolk!

Ok, done! Put in in the oven of 160'C for about 20 minutes and they're good enough for your tummy! XD

That's it. Kbai. Salam :)