August 11, 2011

Saintly Satanic - Concept Art

Salam all. Well, I have big dreams before - I still have; though, some are lying on the shelves - dusty and untouched. Last night, I picked up a pencil again and rekindled an old flame of dying passion - drawing. Wahh2, dramatik lebih lak XD

Okay, it's been soooooooo long since I last drawn and last night, i kinda had the idea to make my highschool dream of creating a comic a reality. The storyline and concept of the comic is based on the ideas i had over the years. This is kinda a warm-up to my rusted drawing. The title of the comic? - Saintly Satanic; and i'll be posting the comic here in my blog later on :)

Oh ya, the guy is supposed to be my main character.

That's all, bye, salam!


  1. lawa background sketchbook kau. haha

  2. omg, another story? hee, cepat post! cant wait :)

  3. another? ehh, pnah ada ka sblom ni? haha.

  4. ada laa.. but it ws a play or some sort kan.. haha, either ways, i've always enjoyed ur writing :)

  5. haha. thnx :)
    but this won't really be another one of my writing.
    more towards drawing~