August 14, 2011

Saintly Satanic - Concept Art 2

Salam all. Like i've told you before, i'm planning to create an original on9 comic; so, this is my 2nd concept art.

The girl here is one of my main character whose role is a Summoner (notice the Final Fantasy influence here, haha) and the 'monster' is one of her 12 Guardians XD still thinking of the names, so any suggestions? i'll give a brief synopsis to the story in my next concept art of Saintly Satanic so, stay tuned :D

That's all for now. kbai XD


  1. kalaulah kami aed'ians byk mase, boleh je buat bnda2 ni... lalala (bajet xde mse je)

  2. di mna ada kmahuan, di situ ada masa.
    haha XD

  3. acap tambah la character taylor swift confirm aku baca

  4. taylor swift? hahaha.
    ok, i'm guessing anonymous is Sarah. haha.