August 17, 2011

Dalam Botol

Salam. Ok, i'm not talking about THAT THINGY dalam botol as in the movie "Dalam Botol"; but what i'm saying is that lately, i'm feeling bottled up.

Friends of mine who are close to me should know that i'm a guy who likes giving opinions and lately, i've been in a state where i have to hold myself from letting out any opinions and it's driving me nuts =_= why? the 7 months holiday kept me close to my family but since i'm the youngest in my family; any opinions are considered useless and childish - hence, better bottle up my opinions and ship to Tamil Nadu.

ok. it's very unlike me to nag and "mengacom" in my blog (not dat i don't do it in real life) but GRRRRR, something happened today and i haven't met anyone "nag-able". that's it. omg i sound like an ass. sorry for being an ass =_=

kbai. don't be an ass. salam.


  1. chill man :D tapi apa kaitan dengan Tamil Nadu?haha. -.-

  2. hah. skrg sape yg mcm mak-mak?? sapa??? sapa????

  3. msuk gombak la opinion ko byk2..heee