August 10, 2011

My Joy and Happiness

Salam all. Ok, i'm blogging about music the second time. I think those who know me personally know that i'm quite a fan of dark and Gothic music. 9th of August marks the date of Evanescence's release of their latest single, What You Want.

To be honest, i'm a little disappointed with the song AT FIRST - just a little though. Why? Well, I don't quite like the part "Do what you want you want" - it sounds repetitive. Another reason is that it sounds quite pop-ish. However, being a "devout" follower of Evanescence, when i listened to it again and again, i was already subconciously headbanging to the music; so, HELL YEAH Evanescence is back! XD
To be more exact, Amy Lee is back. haha. 3/4 of the original Evanescence line-up already become We Are The Fallen with Carly Smithson from American Idol as their frontwoman. To be honest again, We Are The Fallen is sooooo damn AWESOME! Despite being accused of being Evanescence's clone or copycat, you must take note that WATF are 3/4 of the original Evanescence line-up. The present Evanescence is only 1/4 of the Evanescence from 'Fallen'. personally, i love both Evanescence and We Are the Fallen. I especially adore this song from WATF - Tear The World Down which will be their second song to be released.

Support Evanescence! Support WATF! The world needs more music which are so colourful that it turned black XD

kbai. salam :)


  1. i agree with you the "do what you want" is skinda repetitive and makes me annoyed hahahahaa